Introducing…Metcalfe’s skinny Corn’ers! 07.11.2013


Introducing…Metcalfe’s skinny Corn’ers, the macho nacho cousin of skinny Topcorn!

‘But what are Metcalfe’s skinny Corn’ers?!?’ we hear you cry. Cue the Corn’ers Q&A, where we answer all your Corn’ers questions.

In a nutshell:

Metcalfe’s skinny Corn’ers are Corn Crisps. They look like a tortilla, but they’re made of corn…like Topcorn!

What does flash-griddled mean?!

It’s the cooking method that we use which means we don’t deep-fry them. The result? They’re lighter, crunchier and contain 30% less fat than a standard tortilla chip. Good news all round.

What flavours are there?

We currently have 2 flavours in the range. Chilli Tweet, a combination of fiery chilli and tomato and Cheese Louise, a smoked cheese & paprika flavour. We can’t decide which we like more…

Are they suitable for Vegetarians?


Are they gluten free?


They sound heart-stoppingly delicious. Where can I get my hands on them?

Both flavours are currently available from our website, and Chilli Tweet will be launching in Tesco on the 11th November!

If I ask politely and bat my eyelids, can I get a discount?

Why sure! Until 15/11/2013, enter CORNERS20 at checkout for 20% off.