10 of The Best Stocking Fillers… 06.12.2013


1. Bobble Hat, Couvertureandthegarbstore.com, £59

The ideal bobble hat to keep you snug throughout the winter months. Worth splashing out for.
2. Team Rudolph Jumper, ASOS, £32

A Christmas jumper that doesn’t itch with a kooky slogan to boot?! Count us in.
3. Topcorn (duh).

There is no question about it, a pack of Topcorn beats a squashed satsuma at the bottom of your stocking hands down.
4. Hair Spraychalk, Bumble & Bumble, £15.00

Why not experiment with a flash of colour in your hair this Christmas? After all, where’s your boss to tell you not to…?
5. Mint Green Wrapping Paper, Ifeelsmug.com, £2.50

We all know that sometimes, the wrapping is better than the present inside…so if you are giving a dud gift, at least make sure it steals the show under the tree!
6. Personalised Cookies, Bee’s Bakery, £14 for 12

Biscuits with your name on? What’s not to love?
7. Miss Pom Pom Fingerless Mittens, ASOS, £11

Forget drab and dreary, these mits will give winter a much-needed splash of colour!
8. Mojito Flavour Lip Balm, SweetCecilys.com, £2.95

Mmm mojito flavoured lip balm. You just wait, you’ll have your lips dancing on the tables.
9. Sparkly Hairties, Urban Outfitters, £6

Twinkle Twinkle Little Hairtie. A subtle sparkle is super chic.
10. Folder notebook, Couvertureandthegarbstore.Com, £20

Start January with a notebook to ensure (or at least attempt…) an organised start to the year. This one has pockets so you can keep your receipts and train tickets all in one place.