5 party tips for the popcorn-obsessed! 08.08.2017


We theme our parties around our favourite things, like our birthdays, Christmas, and popcorn! Here are our five tips to throwing a party truly worthy of the popcorn-obsessed.

1. Get the snacks in…

If you’re handy in the kitchen, popcorn blondies will make you friends and make sure you’re the host with the most!

2. Make lower-cal cocktails!

Even better, give your guests the tools to make their own cocktails. Mess = fun, right? Here’s our favourite mojito recipe:

Oh, and – not to nag – but we reckon that you’re better off if you drink aware.

3. Get a photo booth!

Because if you and your friends put on funny hats and nobody took a picture of it, did it even happen? We love a good photo booth. More and more as the night goes on, in fact!
For our Summer party, we’ve got a Showtime Photo Booth on hand to capture those need-to-remember moments.

4. Get the music right

This isn’t a rave, and it’s not a silver platter soiree. Pick the music volume appropriately!

As well as how loud it should be, you’ve got to think about the kind of music you’ll be playing. You might love the latest album from that indie band that loves to gaze at their shoes and shuffle about stage, but if it doesn’t get your mates in a happy, chatty mood it shouldn’t make the playlist. We’re going to have to put our foot down on this one 😉

5. Get more snacks in…

No one likes soggy buffet leftovers, so a store of snacks for your guests to take home is always a good idea. Just a few subtle suggestions…