Back to School… 29.08.2013


It’s that time of year again. Summer tans start to fade, trusty jeans replace bare legs, and shop windows are full of starchy school shirts and stationary sets.

That’s right…it’s Back To School time. And although the days of shopping for squeaky new school shoes may have passed, it doesn’t mean that the same new start can’t be enjoyed by grown-ups too.

September is an exciting time for Metcalfe’s skinny. We’re working on some great new flavours, we’re welcoming new team members, and we’re even expanding into new offices! Perhaps we are just giddy with excitement at the prospect of new pens and pencils, but we want to spread our Back To School spirit far ‘n wide.

So here are some tips to give you that ‘Back to School’ feeling.

1. Invest in a fluoro satchel.

We like things to be bright & colourful (you may have noticed from our packaging…). This fluorescent orange Cambridge satchel certainly ticks that box and will undoubtedly be the envy of your office.

2. Get organised with the Mailbox app.

This app might just change your life. At the very least it will help you organise your inbox and to-do lists. It even lets you ‘snooze’ emails. And it’s free.

3. Get some new stationary to liven up your desk.

Like these adorable ‘to do’ stamps. We think we would do a lot more if we had a stamp telling us to…

4. Start making GREAT pack lunches.

Buying lunch everyday can be pricey, and investing in a beautiful lunchbox might just make eating al desko somewhat more bearable. We are particularly taken with these colourful numbers from ‘Compleat’ that fold away once you’ve gobbled up the contents. Very practical. Very chic.

5. Get some patent leather shoes.

The finishing touch. Nothing provides more of that Back to School feeling than wearing in some ‘sensible’ patent leather shoes.