Cinnamon Sweet, the Christmas Treat 21.12.2015



We like Christmas. And we know you like Christmas too. Some of you may not like all the fuss and the faff of the garish lights, the repetitive music, the cheesy knitwear and the crazy carol singers…but we KNOW you love the festive food. (If not, we’re judging you right now. Seriously how can you live with yourself?)

Turkey? Yes please. Mulled mine? Hells yeah. Mince pies? Oh baby. Stuffing? You know me so well.

The trouble is, pretty much ALL Christmas treats are, well, treats. They’re unhealthy, heavy, contain too much of those-things-you-shouldn’t-be-eating and generally make you feel like you’ve overdone it. And that’s before you’ve even taken a bite out of your first blanketed pig.

Not with us!! We’ve got another snack to add to the mix…but it’s deliciously guilt-free! Metcalfe’s skinny Cinnamon Sweet popcorn is the pure taste of Christmas without the guilt at only 117 calories a bag.

POP down to Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Waitrose or Co-op to get yours, or online at and taste for yourself. Check out our Cinnamon Sweet product page for more info.