CLIC Sargent helped me balance my books when I had cancer – Hannah 31.05.2017


Feeling fitter than ever and hearing the words “You have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma” was one of the most confusing moments of my life. How could this be? I was 23, a complete fitness fanatic and full of life. On Wednesday 16th March 2016, I made a promise to myself that I would stay strong and fight this nightmare until I was well again.


Cycle two of chemo I sat on the ward at St Bartholomew’s Hospital glaring at the top of St Pauls from the huge window, the sky was blue with only a few clouds and the only noise was from the nurses calling their patients into be seated. As the patients came into the room I would always wonder what cancer they had? Was it curable? How did they get to the hospital? Were they looked after when they returned home? I felt concerned for them or was I just being nosey?


On this particular day I was feeling fed up. Fed up of chemo, the pain, the sickness and the dreaded hair loss was underway at this point. My boyfriend and I were discussing the amount of money we had already spent travelling to and from the hospital as well as paying for the parking expenses. Unfortunate for me the hospital was quite a distance, but I was willing to do anything to get myself well again. Travelling on a train would have been cheaper, however I couldn’t face the public and could never predict the next lot of sickness.


Coincidently I was introduced to Laura from CLIC Sargent on the same day. After explaining my financial situation she explained I could be entitled to a small sum of money that could help with petrol or parking. She also put me in contact with other charities that support young adults with cancer financially. Not only did Laura take a weight off my financial concerns, she was always a phone call or email away and encouraged me to attend events held by CLIC Sargent and other charities including Look Good Feel Better make-up workshop held at UCLH.


I am truly grateful for the support CLIC Sargent provided me with at such a challenging time of my life. You can never put a price on your health, but having a little support to get me to my appointments helped a great deal.



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