How CLIC Sargent helped me stay positive through cancer 17.03.2016


No-one ever expects to be diagnosed with cancer, but it can seem a little harder to swallow when you’re still a teenager. At this time of your life, your biggest dilemma should in theory be what to wear to tonight’s party, or maybe on a slightly more serious level, when to fit in revision for your GCSEs. But some teenagers have to deal with issues that affect their future even more than exam results do.

In 2011 I was 15, and was also told I had Hodgkins Lymphoma. Straightaway the hospital environment became my new routine, but thanks to CLIC Sargent this didn’t end up being as daunting as it so easily could have been. Birmingham Children’s Hospital’s social worker, Orlando Fuller, was permanently positive and approachable, and as I found out more about the charity as a whole I realised he represented everyone who works there.

I’ve recently been involved in CLIC Sargent’s One Day campaign, where young cancer survivors talk about their future hopes and dreams. I have plenty, and thanks to CLIC Sargent have found more platforms in which to achieve them. I’d love to thank Metcalfe’s skinny for their support, as it really does help young patients and survivors like me and so many others.