Delivering lower sugar snacks to van drivers! 05.02.2016


It’s an age-old stereotype that truck drivers tend to lead unhealthy lifestyles and have poor snacking habits, but we’ve learnt that the reality is the opposite!

Research tells us that nearly 61% of them are now saying no to ‘substandard’ motorway service station food and instead opting for higher quality, healthier options…enter new Metcalfe’s skinny Cinema Sweet popcorn!

We used this research to deliver an entire pallet’s worth of our new low-sugar popcorn flavour to all Eddie Stobart van drivers this January to support them in their quest for better snacking options.

The team at Eddie Stobart commented: “We are delighted to be working with Metcalfe’s skinny. Their range gives us what we need; convenient, delicious but better for you snacking options.”

We’ve got it covered!