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Disco Yoga: Just one way to totally own 2017 26.01.2017


“Disco Yoga, the most fun I’ve had when wearing gym gear possibly ever”

So says Liz Darke, our intrepid and bendy reporter, who went to check out the exercise class that’s firmly planted itself on our list of ways to own 2017.

Here’s how it went down:

Walking into the wood-panelled space at the Soho private member’s club, I could tell that this exercise class was going to be nothing I’d ever done before.

Sure, I’ve tried yoga, and I’ve attended Zumba, which prides itself on participants working up a sweat to a soundtrack of top party tunes, but with a ceiling decked in disco balls, yogis “glittering up” on the sidelines, and party lights swirling the room, I knew I was in for something special here.

Run by yoga instructor Sarah, who’s been teaching traditional yoga classes for a decade, and her DJ friend Rosie, Disco Yoga is the perfect mix of powerful yogic stretching and feel-good fun. The classes take place at different venues across the capital throughout the year, as well as at a handful of UK festivals in summertime.

Disco Yoga, Metcalfes Popcorn

As a total newbie to the concept, it was interesting to hear Sarah (dressed in a shimmering metallic silver catsuit, may I add!) explain how the idea first arose. The workout was born during one of her regular classes, when the playlist accidentally jumped to a disco banger.

The accident was, however, received with great excitement by her students. As a result, Disco Yoga dawned. Sarah teaches every session, and Rosie is by her side spinning the songs throughout.

The class begins with some slow songs as a warm up, but the pace increases and all of a sudden we’re downward-dogging to the likes of The Bee Gees, Sister Sledge and Chic. Lots of the moves are modified to include a few claps and John Travolta-esque finger points, and Sarah encourages partakers to “get their wiggle on” and “shake it” as much as their heart desires.

Singing along is recommended too – trust me, you won’t be the only one bursting into song as the chorus to ‘Car Wash’ kicks in. The class is perfect for beginners, whilst seasoned yogis will still enjoy its fun factor and have the option to increase the intensity for many of the positions involved.

Disco Yoga Metcalfes Skinny

To wind things down, the music drops its pace once again, which, in all honesty, is greatly welcomed after forty minutes of simultaneously bending, bum-wiggling and belting out lyrics. The class then finishes with a relaxing meditation, but that doesn’t mean the party’s over.

Once back on your feet, it’s then time to hit the bar for a superfood cocktail. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are on offer, and each one goes by a puntastic title such as ‘Raining Zen’, ‘Kale and The Gang’ and ‘Blame It On the Blueberry’. In the mood for a little booze, I opted for a delicious ‘Goji Yogi’ packed with goji berries, orange juice, carrot juice, lemon and a pouring of vodka.

After sinking my cocktail, the boogie night had finally come to an end. But feeling the buzz of endorphins (and a little alcohol), I was ready and raring to do the hustle all the way home.”

Disco yoga Metcalfes Skinny

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