Funky Food Trends for 2015! 23.01.2015


We all know January can be a depressing month but for foodies the start of the year is actually pretty exciting as we start to lay down our food trend predictions for the year. I’ve been swotting up and eating out (it’s a hard life) to bring you my predictions for 2015…
Barbecue – it’s freezing outside and I can imagine most of us are pining for the barbecue season! But this year we’ll be eating barbecue classics; ribs, burger and hot dogs all year round. Look out for smoky and barbecue flavours with an Asian and Korean twist too – we’re talking super hot & spicy but at least that’s one way to warm up this January!
Ramen – this delicious Japanese noodle soup is served in a deep bowl and the broth is flavoured with miso or soy sauce. Ingredients including spring onion, seaweed, egg and slices of meat are added to create a really satisfying meal. Move over stir-fries, ramen is going mainstream and fast becoming the nations favourite noodle dish. Lets get slurping!
Back to the future – arctic roll, baked Alaska, fish finger sandwiches and scotch eggs…our childhood favourites are back and they just got trendy! We’ll also start to see children’s food reinvented in adult form, cocktail cupcake and vodka ice pop anyone?
Health – healthy eating has been in the spotlight for a while but now its a MEGA trend tipped to be around for years! This year we’ll be going gluten free, eating fancy grains such as teff and freekeh. Vegetables are also big news this year – especially those ugly and knobbly ones that look a bit rude.
All this talk of food has got me seriously inspired so I’m off to think of some new and exciting product ideas for our Metcalfe’s skinny range! Happy eating everyone!