Go for a lucky dip with our Variety pack! 09.12.2015


Hey folks, here’s a little reminder about our Variety pack in all its miniature glory.

For those of you who don’t yet know, each Variety pack contains SIX of our small but mighty skinny minis!

In every Variety pack you’ll find two bags of three of our best flavours: Sweet ‘n Salt, Sea Salt & now Honey Bee! That’s six mini bags of goodness.

You can buy our Variety pack in selected Sainsbury’s stores as well as online at Ocado.com.

And just in case you weren’t already aware, we’ve helpfully listed out a few reasons for why our Variety pack is so great:

  1. Each mini pack fits perfectly into handbags, lunchboxes and even pockets! Practical and perfect for on the move.
  2. It’s mini, so pretty cute by default.
  4. It tells the world you like living life on the edge. You’re no one trick pony!
  5. You can share it. Or have six for yourself. Either way you win!

Happy snacking 🙂