Lighten Up tell us a joke! 01.08.2014


If there’s something we know at Metcalfe’s skinny, it is that laughter is a powerful and wonderful thing. That’s why we are honoured to be supporting CLIC Sargent’s Joke Appeal this month.

We are urging all you fun loving Metcalfe skinny fans to lighten up and help us raise a few laughs with CLIC Sargent. Simply visit, upload your joke and get it sponsored by your friends.

Even our Founder Julian Metcalfe has been getting involved. Want to hear his joke?

Q. Why did the apple go out with a fig? A. It couldn’t find a date! Haha!

To celebrate our three-year partnership with CLIC Sargent, we have branded our classic Sea Salt popcorn, ‘CLIC Sargent Salt’. To support this wonderful charity you can purchase our CLIC Sargent Salt here: