Metcalfe’s skinny premier at Odeon cinemas! 05.12.2014


Yes you heard correctly, Metcalfe’s skinny has landed a spot centre stage at Odeon cinemas! [Applause]

Metcalfe’s skinny have partnered with Odeon to bring all of you lovely cinemas go-ers a lighter, bouncier snacking option for the big screen! In a conscious bid to provide a range of better-for-you options, Odeon are making the move towards healthier food and drink offerings at their cinemas…and Metcalfe’s skinny made the cut. Now we’re available in selected Odeon cinemas!*

Let’s be honest, half the reason we go to the cinema is for the treats, and now they’re deliciously guilt free…

And that’s not all. With this lovely partnership comes some exciting things for our fans! Metcalfe’s skinny and Odeon will be giving away some POP-tastic exclusive cinema tickets and, of course, Topcorn galore! So if you’re fanatic about film and popcorn-possessed, check in regularly on our Twitter & Facebook pages for offers and ticket giveaways.

All of our delicious Topcorn flavours are now available in selected London Odeon cinemas.

Sweet ‘n Salt knows how to work the red carpet.

*selected London Odeon cinemas only.