Metcalfe’s skinny reveals what your popcorn eating habits say about YOU! 23.07.2013


New research released today by Metcalfe’s skinny reveals that almost half (48%) of introverts are popcorn pickers. Extroverts have a preference to popcorn grabbing, with 2 in 5 people (40%) admitting to consuming this delicious snack mindlessly by the handful. Perfectionists, whilst a mix of grabbers and individual popped kernel eaters, were the least likely to be selfish with an overwhelming 98% of perfectionists willing to share their popcorn.

It also emerged from the study of 2,000 people, that this tasty snack is fast becoming a favoured snack of our nation. Over 72% of people surveyed consumed popcorn at least once on a monthly basis with over one in ten people (12 %) eating it weekly. Outgoing people were the biggest fans of popcorn with nearly 1 in 20 people (5% of extroverts) consuming this snack at least once a day.

Dr Ben Sessa, Consultant Psychiatrist, Bristol said “There are well-recognised links between eating habits and personalities. In general, slower eaters tend to enjoy routines and can be stubborn; often putting them and their needs before other people. Those who eat their popcorn a kernel at a time would be likely to fit into this personality set. In contrast to this, fast eaters are generally less selfish and put others first. It is unsurprising that they would be extroverted due to the more social nature of their behaviour.”

The survey also revealed a marked distinction in the popcorn eating habits of the two sexes. Women are 5% more likely to take a considered approach to eating this snack, consuming each popped kernel individually. Men on the other hand, tended to be 50% more chaotic and carefree than their female counterparts. They enjoyed throwing popcorn at their mouths and hoping for the best.

The research pulled up further interesting results about men’s sharing habits- they are more considerate than we give them credit for! A remarkable 96% of men would quite happily share their popcorn, the same percentage as women. Although overall eating habits differed amongst the sexes, their feelings associated with popcorn remained the same. Both men and women felt that popcorn left them satisfied and content (43% Male, 46% Female), the predominant reason being linked to taste (61% Male, 63% Female). Sweet popcorn was the statistical favourite flavour amongst both men and women, and across all personality types with 51%.

The survey also fortified the current trend against cinema popcorn. Only 1 in 4 people (25%) stated the cinema as their favoured location, the home now holds the top spot with 57%. Although this was the preferred eating environment across all personality types, introverts led this rebellion with 60% stating the home as their preference.

Dr Ben Sessa explained this trend, he said, “The rise of online entertainments and shopping allows one to be more individualised. One can regulate one’s environment with new technology and create a personal space, free from the intrusive trappings of other people. Home-based activities (such as buying popcorn from the supermarket and staying in) are now easier than ever to access. We are living in a culture where we spend far more time observing rather than doing. The passive absorption of multi-media culture gives us a greater excuse to stay in”.