New Year, New You… 12.01.2015


It is this time of the year again!

2015 is here. Sitting pretty, full of hope and promise for our ambitious New Year resolutions. Unfortunately there is still a niggling ideal that remains on my list year in year out: Eating healthily!

Every year I start the year with the same good intentions and every year comes a point were I barley remember them. But not this year! Why you ask? Well this year I work for Metcalfe’s skinny and we have a whole stock room here in the office full of delicious light snacks. So when the urge for snack gets too big I do not need to resist, I can just grab something from the back without feeling guilty. For the first time, I truly can have my cake and eat it!

Now I just need to get my running shoes out of the closet (big hurdle) and healthier new me here I come …