Popcorn Jumper Giveaway! 11.12.2013


Dressing head to toe in popcorn? We can’t think of anything better!

That’s why we were delighted to stumble upon this popcorn jumper and leggings combination from www.mrgu.com. Ever since, we’ve been wearing them at events, shows, even just around the office…

Everywhere we go, people keep asking us, eyes wide with envy, where they can get their hands on the ensemble. So in response to public demand, this week, we are pleased to announce that the fabulous outfits are now up for grabs! Head to our Facebook page for a chance to WIN your very own!

And just in case this isn’t your sartorial cup of tea, this would make the ideal Christmas present for any popcorn lovers out there!

For more amazing designs & wacky prints, head to www.mrgu.com!