Puppy Love! 21.11.2014


Last Friday we were joined in the office by two Schnauzer’s. Willoughby and Wickham (from Putney) spent the day strutting around the office hoovering up popcorn and claiming all the attention.
There was a distinct shift in atmosphere within the room (although this could probably be attributed to the Friday Feeling), but general consensus resulted in the request for an office dog. We haven’t heard the decision from our MD but we have our fingers firmly crossed!
Recently, pugs George and Pandora, Metcalfe’s skinny biggest canine fans, were caught on camera modelling next to a Metcalfe’s skinny bag. Word on the street is that 4 month old Pandora from Fulham chose CLIC Sargent Sea Salt as her favourite flavour!
If you have an office dog, tweet us a picture @metcalfesskinny we will have to admire yours until we get our own (hopefully!)