Jumbles - Toffee Apple

Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November! 05.11.2019


We, at Metcalfe’s, are huge fans of the very British festivities such as Bonfire Night – the fireworks, writing our name in the air with sparklers, and, of course, the plentiful supply celebratory snacks!

However, we’re conscious of the popcorn-obsessed that may feel dejected by standard Bonfire Night food options. Bangers and mash not tickle your fancy? Hungry for a sweet treat but not in the mood for the traditional heavier offerings?

Well, friends, never fear; we’ve got you covered. Tonight, instead of missing out on a tasty treat, why not take in the flashes and bangs whilst tucking into our new Toffee Apple Jumbles? Reminiscent of the much-loved traditional Bonfire Night delicacy, we’ve jumbled up our butterfly popcorn with other tasty pieces! Toffee apple lovers can now munch on delicious toffee and caramel-coated popcorn mixed up with slices of dried apple, without a thought about calories.

Delicious, delightful, and a perfect lighter take on this Great British treat at only 107 calories per 100g! Surely not?
(Surely yes!)

Available exclusively in Sainsbury’s now!

Happy snacking, everyone!

Team Metcalfe’s 🙂