Snacks Under 100 Calories 03.12.2018


We have launched two brand new tantalising treat ranges, both under 100 calories, to match up with our single serve popcorn!

If you thought Metcalfe’s only popped popcorn – think again! First up, we’ve revamped our range with a new collection of savoury nibbles. Our new Metcalfe’s Corn Chips come in individual bags, each of which will be under 100 calories, and they’ll be in Tesco from January. The ideal way to battle through the mid-afternoon munchies, you’ll find them in two flavours, moreish Nacho Cheese (92 calories) and scrumptious Sizzlin’ BBQ (94 calories)

For those with a sweeter tooth to satiate, there’s also the new chocolate-covered Metcalfe’s Mini Ricecakes, which mix the perfect balance of whole grain and white rice for a snack extravaganza. Whether you’re craving Milk Chocolate (81 calories), Dark Chocolate with Orange (79 calories) or White Chocolate (80 calories), these ultra-convenient bite-size packs of four will satisfy for under 100 calories per pack.

Happy snacking!