Sweet 2016! 07.01.2016


Happy January folks!

Don’t hate us for saying so, but we are loving January.

Despite how miserable it is outside.

Despite being back at our desks and not being in pyjamas 24/7.

AND despite the fact that we’re now eating ‘courgetti‘, when we all know it just isn’t the same as spaghetti…

We’re loving January because of our latest addition to the deliciously guilt-free Metcalfe’s skinny popcorn family, which has hit selected Tesco stores just in time to make all of the above more bearable!

We’ve just launched our newest popcorn flavour, Cinema Sweet: a unique sweet popcorn sweetened with natural stevia leaf extract, which means it has a whopping 67% LESS SUGAR than all other sweet varieties on the market. And still tastes absolutely delicious!

With only 93 calories per serving (and the equivalent sugar content to a measly one and a quarter Minstrels!!), put your boring apples down and join us in cutting down on your sugar consumption.

Say hello to more guilt-free snacking!

Available in selected Tesco stores now. Have a great January!