The wacky and the wonderful flavours of South Korea 07.11.2014


About a month ago I had the amazing opportunity to join our new product development team on a visit to South Korea for a Food Innovation Exhibition. We stayed in Gangnam… yes, as in ‘Gangnam style’. Gangnam means gang(river) + nam(south), as this area is south, of the Han River in Seoul. Sadly, no sight of Psy but there was a huge podium in the city centre were tourists could pose as Psy and have their picture taken.

South Korea is definitely a place to visit for the more inquisitive sort of foodie. AMAZING food and the locals were incredibly welcoming . We tried loads of street food including the infamous Tteokbokki, which is a popular Korean dish, made from soft rice and fish cake cooked in a hot chili sauce. Amongst many other interesting foods we also tried the traditional Korean barbeque – YUM! Not to forget the seafood sashimi, which included sea urchin roe, abalone, sea cucumber and sea squirt. Very interesting textures – definitely not for the squeamish!

One thing that surprised me was how much they love sweet potato! It’s everywhere, sweet potato chips, dried sweet potato and even a sweet potato donout! My personal favourite was the sweet potato latte, (a hug in a mug) which is made from a sweet potato puree. Absolutely delicious!