Topcorn Tribe 05.09.2013


The Topcorn Tribe is our latest adventure in our mission to spread the word of our Metcalfe’s skinny topcorn.

The Topcorn Tribe is made up of people who we think are great. From bloggers to beekeepers, tweeters to triathletes, soldiers to super fans. And everything in between.

Each member of the tribe will receive a beautiful Metcalfe’s skinny gift box every month, full of our delicious topcorn. A free monthly treat to cherish, share & tweet.

And the best part is there are no strings attached. No small print. No 3rd ‘parties’ out to nab your details. All that we ask, is that you share it in some small way. Take a picture, send a tweet, spread the love.

As of this Monday 9th September, all of our fans will have the chance to become a part of The Topcorn Tribe. We will be holding a weekly competition on facebook, granting entry into the tribe for one lucky winner.

Stay tuned and check out our facebook page here for more details.