We are Metcalfe’s skinny. They are Goat. 01.08.2013


Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everybody received one of these little rays of sunshine from time to time?

We Are Goat, a London based design duo, make these beautifully designed cards, each with an uplifting message on. Each card encourages you to ‘pass it on’, in the hope that people will give them to a friend/ lover/ sister/ stranger, and spread some smiles. They have even travelled the world, passing on their whimsical encouragement to distant shores.

We received this one in the office today and boy did it make us happy. So much so that instead of passing it on, we kept it tucked away in a notebook…

They’re like the business version of Love Hearts and we want to collect them all. Like Pokemon.

Why not make your office/ university/ treehouse/ book club a little lighter and pass one on!

Click here to see the whole range.