We’ve joined forces with KETTLE Chips! 12.01.2016



Metcalfe’s skinny is delighted to announce it’s new business partnership with KETTLE® Chips UK!

The Metcalfe’s skinny team will continue to operate the company independently in partnership with the influential support of the KETTLE® Chips UK brand (a UK subsidiary of Diamond Foods).

And we couldn’t be more excited.

Our founder, Julian Metcalfe comments, “We are very excited about the opportunity to expand the Metcalfe’s skinny brand with the support and expertise of the KETTLE® organization. This is a positive step that we know will not only showcase the brand’s potential but will benefit our customers in the long term too.”

And a note from Ashley Hicks, Managing Director of KETTLE® Chips UK: “We are very excited to acquire an interest in Metcalfe’s skinny, which is an incredibly innovative, dynamic, fast-growing, premium brand appealing to ‘foodie’ consumers looking for lighter great tasting snacks.”

Here’s to a wonderful partnership!